The French Twist series by Sandra Bird

Bon Appetit: A Novel (French Twist Book 2)   Piece de Resistance: A Novel (French Twist Book 3)  Let Them Eat Cake: A Novel (French Twist Book 1)

The first book in the trilogy had me intrigued to follow French Twist series, to follow Lexi’s  training, lifestyle and way to the happy ending. I was looking on it as a complete contrast to my own journey on this, as someone from a broken and dysfunctional family, with no faith and few morals (!). It was a somehow quieter and less painfull road that Lexie took, and even so was thoroughly enjoyable. Yet, compared to some of my capers, it was a little bland- but maybe that’s jealousy talking! Enjoyed all three as really good Christian novels.


Yet maybe it’s a reflection of American culture (as the UK’s highest aspiration used to be to marry a Doctor), Lexi ends up with the Lawyer dull Dan. Never was there such a lacklustre, uninteresting man with no depth. Can’t understand why she fell for Mr Wishywashy. Each to her own I suppose!!!!!!