Broken Heart Syndrome by Susie Tate

If you’re looking for a real Valentine’s read, take this!

It’s so rare to find something that’s well written, a bit different and with good characterization on the free lists, that this one I guzzled over a weekend!  The hospital setting felt real, no doubt as Susie is a  Doctor. The thing that struck me the most was how Frankie had real genuine problems to overcome-so often in a novel it’s just a little man blindness or stubbornness, but this made her really believable. Tom came over as the stereotype scruffy Doctor but Oh, so human, not one of these imagined men!   A really good love story, where all have to grow up, be healed and move on, sometimes our prejudices and scars take one heck of a struggle to overcome, but we can. Great plot, great array of characters, misunderstandings, bad peeps, real peeps. Loved it. In fact I’ve just downloaded the sequel