At last!!!!!! Song of Songs by Beverley Hughesdon


GREAT NEWS!!!!  Newly released as a Kindle read by Canelo books,  AND at last Eve will be published, too, can’t wait!

Song of Songs  is my most favorite book of all time and I read it every now  and then.  I was given it in a proof edition with a bland cover, the one here I think spoils it. The story is far more noble than this trashy piccie!

Born into rich Edwardian family,  Helena is always the ungainly, awkward one, who loves her twin brothers, Robbie and Eddie.  In several traumas, she is recued by the footman Jem, which explains a lot of her later actions, although the text doesn’t make any hooks into it, so maybe its my interpretation.  Oh, how I wish I was born then, with no housework, allowed to sit about and read and write, waited on hand and foot, but most of all, horses to ride, at will, for pleasure,and no mucking out! The life in a way prefaces that of Downton Abbey. I’m telling a lot of the plot here,  but only because I need to explain how it relates to my enjoyment!

Helena grows to a teenager and after a misalliance with her cousin gets shifted off to Germany to learn music, as a punishment, which turns out into a blessing as she has a real ability to sing.  First world war arrives, and Helena trains as a Nurse – and the descriptions of this culture shock are wonderful, as are the accounts of her duty in the Hospitals on the warfields in France.  One twin dies, another survives but is damaged in his lungs.

Helena has this romantic fantasy about Gerald, her Officer love, who she does eventually get engaged to, but he is killed.  During the war, Helena meets  Ben, who is working class engine driver in peace time.  They meet after the war, and it is to him Helena flees when she helps in he suicide of her dying brother.  Ben takes advantage of Helena, coercing her into marrying him.  They begin life in his home town, another culture shock for Helena, but it is only when Helena finds out her Gerald was gay, she has a nervous breakdown, also born of her war work.  Recovering, she returns home, and through her healing, finally realises that she loves Ben and the book ends with the birth of  their son

This is a real beauty and beast tale, something which is in Beverley’s other books.   Helena is so human, but courageous.  Her breakdown is a way to healing.  Maybe I like this because I identify with her, in having earlier in life stupid love affairs, and then finding my own beast !!!!!!!!!!!!



Titanic: Legacy of betrayal by Kathleen E. Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer

Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal

I’ve not really got into the Titanic mythology, so to read a book on this was really interesting.  Here, I found a really good mix between historical events and a modern love story.  The descriptions of the Titanic and the sinking are well depicted, giving the sense of the opulence, and what struck me most was the complete lack of panic after the iceberg was hit as no one quite understood what was going on, maybe it was so, no headless chickens running about, just people trying to protect their own. The dramatic tension changed position, from what was in the box, to the outcome of a love story, to who was the real villain, which kept me really interested.  The contrast between the happy modern family and the embittered tale teller Olive and her disempowered Grandson was a real black and white contrast.  That Ember manages to overcome the hurt in her life, and what some would call a generational curse spills into the Christian theme of reconciliation and healing that I found there.  Not all the ends were tied up for the damaged characters which was a neat technique to show the futility of those who have no faith.

So, I think its coincidental about the Titanic theme, I would almost ask you to ignore it and just enjoy it!

I was sent this to review, what an honour when I get them!