Studs and Stilettos by Bev Pettersen

I seem to be finding firm favourites on my Kindle trips and Bev is one of them. I just love the mix of horses, romance and a good mystery. Emily was such a nice bimbo at the start and Dan just a bit dumb but they both muscled up through the course of the book, through the course of misunderstandings and a sneaky little sub plot that eventually took over.  This was a guzzle book that I haven’t had for a long time. Bravo!

I didn’t realise it was a follow up to Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash, wish I’d read that first, never mind!


Anna’s eBook Review AWARDS 2013

Stargazy Pie

There has been a change in the free lists this year, and it’s not all good. Since the occurrence of Sheds of Gray, there has been steadily more and more porn, making me switch from to .com!  There are more mystery murders,’Krimis‘ in German which I feel says it all. Romance is about the same. But the main trend is for samplers from well known authors and multi book editions. One good thing is that more information is being put in the title, you can see straight way when you’re going to hit another novella series. There are now specific eBook publishers, but sometimes the quality from the private writer seems higher!  Enough.  Not such an outstanding year this year, but here goes! When you read the reviews you will see the grounds for my awards!

Best Christian Book: Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel.

Sexiest Hero: Alex in Stargazy Pie,…ura-lockington/

Best Heroine,  Erin in the Santa Society,…ristine-mccord/

Best New Writer;  Amanda Petyt for  Bosomed Deep in Vines,…y-amanda-petyt/ ‎

Science Fiction is a tie!  For the deepest, most literary (!)  A chair between the Rails by G.T Anders,…-by-g-t-anders

For the most amusing, thought provoking, Siren by Larry Jeram Croft

The Best Country book, Town and Country  by Wendy Lewis,…by-wendy-lewis/

The Laddiest book, The Diaries of an Expectant and Hapless Father by Pete Sortwell,…-pete-sortwell/

Best Horsey books , Bev Petersen,…y-bev-peterson/

Best Spin off, Charlotte, Pride and Prejudice continues by Karen Aminadra,

Funniest Book; The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher,…onna-joy-usher/

Book of the Year: Stargazy Pie by Laura Lockington,…ura-lockington/

Horses and Heroin by Bev Pettersen

HORSES AND HEROIN (Romantic Mystery)

When I was in hospital recently I had a real rummage on the kindle and ditched many more books than I read, usually on basis of the first few pages and this nearly lost me with the spoken ‘Americanish’, but I read on and soon was engrossed.

Of course, the horses are always a real pull for me and there are very few books that have them these days that aren’t just purely horse books.  Then was added to this the missing brother, love interest and so on.  Not a hugely original plot, the ending was easily guessed but the good writing held me to go through and finish it. Scott was a tad macho for me, I wouldn@t find anyone who killed in the remotest interesting, but that’s me and the sex stuff was a bit OTT for me too.

Yet, there’s a major plot/narractive difference here.  Megan doesn’t go through any process of finding she loves Scott at the last minute, which in the Anna school of literature seems to be the  major plot device for heroines.  Shes pretty full on and open  about Scott from the start which is refreshing. What she does goes through is the major climax of the plot which opens the way for them to be together, a purely dramatic function.  Nice!