My Animals and Other family by Clare Balding

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I just loved this book, Clare doesn’t need this book review, so I am writing of the effect this book had on me! Clare had my dream childhood in SOOO many ways, loads of horses to ride, dogs , an countryside home, a brother who was a mate and one parent who was ok!  All those stables and horses, my dream.  She had problems like me, such as getting clothes so she could fit in at school and even fitting in at school and making innocent blunders that were seen as terrible by the parents.

What struck me was her bitterness towards her father which is quite understandable. It was made clear to her from the start that as a female she didn’t rate and her father consistently didn’t remember any of her achievements. But she recounts most of her escapades with humour and clear sight, it so explains her personality. I didn’t have a father, which is maybe easier than having such a prat of a one but maybe he was of his time and generation. Maybe mine would have been the same, but I could compose him exactly as I wanted him and he was ‘One of the Few.

What I got the most from this was inspiration that it is possible to write about events with humour, passion and objectivity. I’ve been thinking of writing about my own childhood for a while, but had felt its negative aspects would make it difficult to write, but not with Clare’s model.  Thank you, and do so I envy you all those horses!!!!!!


Arapaho by Larry Jeram-Croft

Arapaho (Jon Hunt 04)

This is the fourth book in the Jon Hunt book and I was a bit worried that Larry was getting stale. Wrong!  He’s pulled a real ripper here and in the unusual setting of Beirut.  A high point is the chat between Karim and Helen, where ideologies and cultures collide. I don’t want to spoil it too much but the gripping climax is one of the best yet, with a Larry twist at the end, not to mention some happiness for one character!   Now will we have a new daring duo putting the world to rights…….

Anna’s eBook Review AWARDS 2013

Stargazy Pie

There has been a change in the free lists this year, and it’s not all good. Since the occurrence of Sheds of Gray, there has been steadily more and more porn, making me switch from to .com!  There are more mystery murders,’Krimis‘ in German which I feel says it all. Romance is about the same. But the main trend is for samplers from well known authors and multi book editions. One good thing is that more information is being put in the title, you can see straight way when you’re going to hit another novella series. There are now specific eBook publishers, but sometimes the quality from the private writer seems higher!  Enough.  Not such an outstanding year this year, but here goes! When you read the reviews you will see the grounds for my awards!

Best Christian Book: Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel.

Sexiest Hero: Alex in Stargazy Pie,…ura-lockington/

Best Heroine,  Erin in the Santa Society,…ristine-mccord/

Best New Writer;  Amanda Petyt for  Bosomed Deep in Vines,…y-amanda-petyt/ ‎

Science Fiction is a tie!  For the deepest, most literary (!)  A chair between the Rails by G.T Anders,…-by-g-t-anders

For the most amusing, thought provoking, Siren by Larry Jeram Croft

The Best Country book, Town and Country  by Wendy Lewis,…by-wendy-lewis/

The Laddiest book, The Diaries of an Expectant and Hapless Father by Pete Sortwell,…-pete-sortwell/

Best Horsey books , Bev Petersen,…y-bev-peterson/

Best Spin off, Charlotte, Pride and Prejudice continues by Karen Aminadra,

Funniest Book; The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher,…onna-joy-usher/

Book of the Year: Stargazy Pie by Laura Lockington,…ura-lockington/

So comes the end of the year!

A big thank you to all my followers and the writers of the free books that keep me so well supplied with reading matter!

Right now, I’m trolling through my reviews of the year and hope that by the end of this week, my eBook awards will be published. This is just a little ask for my followers, are there any of these books YOU would like to nominate for something?????  Please let me know by January 3rd at the latest!

The Santa Society by Kristine McCord

The Santa Society

I think with another title, this book could have been even better!  It would have added just another element of mystery as the society is revealed, With the most unlikely Santa ever and the fantastic dog Klaus, Erin begins her recovery from the death of her mother. It was maybe just a spin on the old story, but here the giving of Christmas is for once equated with the reality of Christmas. God’s gift of his son to this world as he loves us so much he would even kill his own son to win us back…..but I guess I’m moving on a bit here!  Sit back and enjoy!

Guess who’s coming to Christmas dinner? by Laura Lockington

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas Dinner

I was SO looking forward to this book. Laura Lockington has been one of favourite author finds of this year, with her quirky, original, magical books. But this, oh dear!  Yet ANOTHER single mother, with a best friend struggling with Christmas, yawn, yawn, yawn. Maybe this sort of story sells to single Mums who form a large readership, I don’t know. Only occasonally do we see a hint of the best of Laura with the motif of the fox passing through and the Vampire at the door.

Has Laura been the victim of a publisher, heading her to main stream, squashing her gift. I’m not a great fan of Endeavour press either. Fight it Laura, get back to your original genius, don’t listen to anyone but yourself!

I see I missed the publication of her new book, Before and After…..Guess what I’ll be reading this Christmas!…ura-lockington/…ura-lockington/

Ruth’s First Christmas Tree by Elly Griffiths

Ruth's First Christmas Tree: A Ruth Galloway Short Story

Stories in the present tense of any form often don’t work but this one does.  It’s such a succinct tale that packs in so much in such a short space, a lesser writer could have written a thick volume.  The story  doesn’t even get to Christmas though we do get some snow. The narrative has a pop at most forms of religion, but is quite happy to still celebrate the event. The characterizations are sharp, little explanation, no spoon feeding, no time for that, and it is so clever that it does what the advert said, leading you into looking into further writings. So far this autumn, my best Christmas read,

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