Me !

Short version;  Writer, gardener, horse lover, expat in Austria!

Long Version; I moved from the United Kingdom to Austria in 2007.  I’ve been married for 30 years to Dave who now works in the local Garden centre and loathes the internet, but thinks this is a good idea! We both felt a call to move here but still haven’t really found out what God wants us to do yet!  We planned to work as Missionaries but it just didn’t seem to be right for us.  God has used this time to feed us through the media minstries of many television evangelists – the best of whom are Andrew Wommack and Joyce Meyer.  I’ve learnt so much andI’m using this Blog to share what I’ve learnt and how I’ve applied it to my life.

We have  two kids, our daughter is a Nurse and our son works as an Electrical engineer on railways.  I have an Honours degree from the Open University in English and History. I went back to work once the kids were old enough to be left to wreck the house on their own and worked in Fine Art Insurance then in Riding therapy for six years. I ‘ve always been into horses (pony mad kid!) and to work with teenagers with learning difficulties was a dream job.  During this time my mother died, the dog died, daughter went to University, son was rarely at home, and I was banging my head against a brick wall in my job as I’d stupidly moved into more office work. We tested this call in everyway possible and are sure we’re where he wants us, but maybe we’re not quite ready yet for what he wants us to do. I gave the love and work with horses back to God when we left England only to have it given back.  I’ve worked teaching riding  (which was a great way to have to improve my German) for the past two years.  In my last summer my boss (75!) suffered severed injuries in riding accident leaving me to run the yard. By the autumn I was burnt out. There was no time to do anything with my husband, so  last year I took a summer job at the local castle as a Cleaner, which as you’ll see in the Blog afforded me some ‘fun’! My friend Edith and I are trying to start a business using Equine Assissted Therapy.  Last year we won an award with a financial grant which means we’ve worked last summer with some Asylum seekers children which has been great, but we really want to work with the local people.  There is a great deal of depression and alcohol problems here.

I’ve had so many jobs here, but at the moment am enjoying being at home, reading, writing and painting!


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