Bosomed deep in Vines by Amanda Petyt

Bosomed Deep In Vines

This book started off so well, with heavy lacings of metaphor and imagery.  There are some really brilliant lines in it (I hope its ok to quote) e.g, Sarah’s brother had trimmed the neighbour’s Afghan dog:‘It  had never recovered and had taken to  loitering on street corners and using four letter barks’. However, while the running of time is marked by the meetings of the friends, the whole plot of the book could have been taken over a shorter time scale or tighter incidences over the same scale , as sometimes the pace lags.It took a little while to get the different voices, but I got into it and really enjoyed it. There are some repetitions too such as when Sarah looks back at her relationship with Alice. It’s clear that Sarah will grow to maturity,  and love in real fictional heroine mode, well constructed!   So the pace lags a little and the plot is a little undramatic BUT as a first book  this is fantastic.  For the sake of some more tightening  and editing, a look at the timing, this could shape into something really good. Like all first writers we all start off trying  so hard  and then forget the start as we get drawn into the plot. Sadly by the end of the book there are very few leaps into the imagery , the dialogue takes over. So don’t cut the imagery and metaphor, make it consistent  and the whole book will be a stunner.  Might be up for one of my awards…….


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  1. amanda
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 11:25:53

    Thank you for your review Anna, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and your comments are duly noted. I loved writing it and am looking forward to working on the next one in the new year. Best wishes.


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