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I thought I would tell all my eBook review readers about my other blog on my life here in Austria. It deals with all I get up to here in a strange land, my beliefs, life as an expat and so on. Maybe you will like to drop by this one as a follower too!!!!

I’m no catholic but I’m quite happy to use their holidays, and this one was for Mary’s ascension -nowhere to be found in the Bible, but what ho!  This annual flea marker (no Car boot sales here), takes up most of the village centre. This time I remembered the camera!  I was comparing it to what I’d find at sale in the UK.


There were of course many stalls selling the outgrown kids toys, new stuff,


china knick nacks,  old postcards and  books, plus the dealers.   But what I found fascinating, but understandable was the amount of mlitary stuff,


holy stuff,


hunting stuff,


fur stuff.


I don’t think in the UK you would be allowed to sell bayonets


or axes on the street!


I saw this wonderful picture of some deer charging a hunters party, but she wanted 60 euros

DSCN2365 (2)

for it, I’m glad I got a sneaky shot of it before she saw me! In this close up above, you can see one guy has managed not to spill his drink, shades of my mother who would never spill a drop!


There was of course a marching band,


beer and sausages,


and cakes.


There  was also a huge mix of languages and I heard others speaking English but was content to be a bystander. We bought some old postcards of Ramingstein


and scanned them in so we could have a better look.  Its a shame that the dates weren’t on the stamps, nor could we read the messages!


There were also some intereresting scarecrows entered in a competition for Bauernherbst that is coming up (Farmer’s Autumn). Can’t help thinking its the wrong time of year for them though!


Still, it was a great day out.


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