Color my Horse by Bev Pettersen

COLOR MY HORSE (Romantic Mystery)

Yes, it’s definately the year of the repeat read!  This is the second Bev Pettersen book I’m reviewing, she doesn’t need my review but I feel compelled to write!  Having read since a few more horsey/racing stories which didn’t merit reviews, this one had me hooked.  You can take the romance thread, baddie and a plot involving baddies up to no good as read.  The sex bits I skip as I always find them boring and mostly innapropritae.  It’s a darn good read.

But I want to write about the horsey aspect.  You may  have read my comments recently about a romantic novella that just hadn’t stepped inot a stable, well, this had the muck on the boots and the hair on the jacket! Knowing nothing about USA racing, this was completely fascinating, I can’t imagine a Claiming race taking place in the UK!  It was so well detailed under the guise of Jessica learning, I was alongside her. The horses were so real too.  Loved it. Then it struck me somehting was missing, and I was glad it was.  Language!  My mother worked in racing stables back in the 1940s and I don’t expect things have chnaged much, but she said the air was ever blue and was worse than sialing laguage. She took great joy and mischief in teaching this to my nephew, whose mother was sutiably shocked, ut wevn more so, h´when he qualified it all with, well Granny says it’s ok becasue its sepcail racing language!


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