Wish for a Pony by Monica Edwards

Ok, so it’s not an eBook!

Despite having my Kindle, when in the bath I read a proper book, don’t want the damp blowing it up.  A life long vice!  I recently ran out of new stuff and feeling in need of simple comfort I went back to the collection of pony books that travelled with me to Austria. I began reading when I was about 8, my brothers giving me my first book. In those days you could buy 8 books for a Pound!  I’d take off to Smiths in Winchester with me birthday money and come home with a heap. Jumble sales were also a great source. I wish I hadn’t had such a cull when I came here……….

This is my all time favourite book for ponies. Two pony mad girls with a long summer ahead, rescue a riding school horse and are rewarded with lots of riding. Then comes  a great storm and a rescued seaman provides a route for Tamsin to have her very own pony.  Set in the Romney marshes, I guess between the wars, it’s also an incidental account of life at that time, a seemingly much simpler than today, no Tv, no phones, but not a lot of money.   Tamsin is my favourite character and my daughter was to be named after her, but somehow it didn’t happen.  She has such integrity for a kid and of course when she finally gets her pony its an eye watering moment.  It’s very pony mad kids dream, and was mine.  I was lucky enough to have a pony when I was 13, and we had such fun with her until ‘boys’ stepped in.   My book itself tells a tale as it has chew marks on the cover from one of our puppies, and has my address wriitten in bright ink. To read it is to be a child again, in that safe, uncomplicated,  world where stuff comes true.

What’s your favourite book?


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