The Diaries of an Expectant and Hapless Father by Pete Sortwell

The Diary Of An Expectant Father                              The Diary Of A Hapless Father: months 0-3

These diaries are just a smashing read for anyone who has parented. I so empathise with pregnant Alison, and then all the traumas of the first three months, the colic and just not knowing what to do with the little treasure.  He deals so well with how we deal with the stresses and the border that we musn’t cross when at our wits end.  Any parent has been there, and I guess Pete too,

There is a strong narrative here as well as a maybe inadvertent picture of life for many of us, as we try to cope with work, life and parenthood in the UK.  It’s a picture of life in the Naughties, it’s a social documentary.  It’s refeshing to find this subject written about with no feminine viewpoint either!!!!!! These books work on many levels, enjoy them!


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