Love and Laughter by Emma Lee-Potter

Love and Laughter

I quite enjoyed these novellas, there seem to be ever more about.  Simple love stories but by necessity, the endings are always a bit abrupt for me, but then again some books I find too drawn out, I know, the poor author cannot win!

So, well written books for the romance market.  So now I’m going to have a moan.  I don’t know the first thing about surfing or meteorology so I can’t comment, but the show jumping story had me steaming.  I know the majority fo readers  wouldn’t be riders BUT let’s get some things straight.

Firstly, the small woman and the stallion, oh get over the stereotype!  Very few stallions make it to the top show jumping  as by their very gender and sex drive they don’t have the temperament for the control and tension needed.

In a jump off, a rider who waited five minutes to be in the ring,would probably be disqualified.  Most riders would be watching from the ringside, with the groom keeping the horse warm.  Or they would be riding around the practise arena themselves.  Very few would not want to know how their rivals did as they would then need to know where there was the possibility of making up time and improving themselves.  OH I could go on, but I wont, point made.

If a subject isn’t your strong point, research it properly, it would only take a visit to a competition or a yard, but if you can’t be bothered, DONT WRITE ABOUT IT!


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