A little Bit of Here and There by Gordon Appleby

A Little Bit of Here and There

This short book was such fun, disobeying all the rules about narrative and structure, with testosterone heaving off the pages!  It’s a written as it occurred him to write with a haphazard order of events.  Yet it’s so readable and if you are a lone traveller, you will  identify with it.  Having done this as a teenager (Yes kids, we did this too in the 1970s) I see howhe’s caught the angst and insecurity of being alone in a new city and looking to meet up. He’s caught the magic of those instant friendships that make foreverfriends of people you’ll never see again. It’s also a great insight into male thinking, I did wonder on the things tactfully left out!

If you have travelled alone, enjoy this romp!


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