The Diaries of an Expectant and Hapless Father by Pete Sortwell

The Diary Of An Expectant Father                              The Diary Of A Hapless Father: months 0-3

These diaries are just a smashing read for anyone who has parented. I so empathise with pregnant Alison, and then all the traumas of the first three months, the colic and just not knowing what to do with the little treasure.  He deals so well with how we deal with the stresses and the border that we musn’t cross when at our wits end.  Any parent has been there, and I guess Pete too,

There is a strong narrative here as well as a maybe inadvertent picture of life for many of us, as we try to cope with work, life and parenthood in the UK.  It’s a picture of life in the Naughties, it’s a social documentary.  It’s refeshing to find this subject written about with no feminine viewpoint either!!!!!! These books work on many levels, enjoy them!


Love and Laughter by Emma Lee-Potter

Love and Laughter

I quite enjoyed these novellas, there seem to be ever more about.  Simple love stories but by necessity, the endings are always a bit abrupt for me, but then again some books I find too drawn out, I know, the poor author cannot win!

So, well written books for the romance market.  So now I’m going to have a moan.  I don’t know the first thing about surfing or meteorology so I can’t comment, but the show jumping story had me steaming.  I know the majority fo readers  wouldn’t be riders BUT let’s get some things straight.

Firstly, the small woman and the stallion, oh get over the stereotype!  Very few stallions make it to the top show jumping  as by their very gender and sex drive they don’t have the temperament for the control and tension needed.

In a jump off, a rider who waited five minutes to be in the ring,would probably be disqualified.  Most riders would be watching from the ringside, with the groom keeping the horse warm.  Or they would be riding around the practise arena themselves.  Very few would not want to know how their rivals did as they would then need to know where there was the possibility of making up time and improving themselves.  OH I could go on, but I wont, point made.

If a subject isn’t your strong point, research it properly, it would only take a visit to a competition or a yard, but if you can’t be bothered, DONT WRITE ABOUT IT!

A little Bit of Here and There by Gordon Appleby

A Little Bit of Here and There

This short book was such fun, disobeying all the rules about narrative and structure, with testosterone heaving off the pages!  It’s a written as it occurred him to write with a haphazard order of events.  Yet it’s so readable and if you are a lone traveller, you will  identify with it.  Having done this as a teenager (Yes kids, we did this too in the 1970s) I see howhe’s caught the angst and insecurity of being alone in a new city and looking to meet up. He’s caught the magic of those instant friendships that make foreverfriends of people you’ll never see again. It’s also a great insight into male thinking, I did wonder on the things tactfully left out!

If you have travelled alone, enjoy this romp!

Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble

Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble (short story)

This short story goes to prove that putting a freebie out does pull in the readers, because I’m hooked. I’m so glad that there’s a whole series about Mrs Raisin which will keep me occupied for months.  I just so identified with this middle aged lady, her moving to a new home, her grumpiness and her trouble seeing if she can fit in.  It’s all so wonderfully English, but under the humourous tale of a mysterious murder are often acutely  observed scenarios of country life and descriptions of the countryside itself (of course I’ve now read other books so maybe not all these ingredients are in this tale).  Mega.  Books written for me!

My only grumble is that the previous must be explained in the narrative, e.g. she moved here when she retired early. This annoys me in sequels where the narrator must interject and spell it all out for the new reader.  I would simply have an introduction that explains all and let the new reader do that.

Still, a real find for me, I’m set up for good reads for a long time! Oh, and Miss Marple, eat your heart out!!!!

Last chance to download Tom for FREE!

I have had great fun with this book, but it’s time to call it a day. Its free this weekend then will be off the shelves, enjoy and maybe drop me a line here if you do actually read it! It’s available from Friday 4th October to Monday 7th October, starting at 12.00 am Standard Pacific time!


Have I mentioned that I wrote a book??????

Over 1,500 downloads and not a single comment!   It’s a great read (so say I) and its at a great price, have a look!  Facebook readers; I apologise, for some reason best known to themselves, they are blocking these picture links – which is daft as they promote Amazon. You can find the book on all the English Amazon sites.

Fleeing to the countryside from London to escape another bad relationship, Clare hopes to make yet another new start that will finally sort out her life. She finds things aren’t so simple as her best friend Sylvie is abroad leaving Clare to share the house with enigmatic and moody Alex. Clare soon finds work and a new livelihood but still finds that all her relationships with men seem doomed to failure.Alongside the tale of Clare’s new life runs the story of Tom’s troubled childhood and adolescence. How will he fit into her new world?Set in the 1990s, before widespread use of Mobiles and the Internet, ‘Tom’ is not only a sinister tale of lost identity, possession and mental illness but also a journey to fulfilment and love as Clare, Alex, Tom and Sylvie find healing and faith.