Sunlight on my Shadow by Judy Liautaud

Sunlight on My Shadow

Not looking properly, when I downloaded this book, I missed the bit saying it was a memoir and after a few pages and photos, the penny dropped.  Not my usual thing, but the story pulled me in.  I identified with so much that the teenager Judy went through – but not the pregnancy I hasten to say!  The guilt of actions, the fear of pregnancy, the way a teenager handles life, with courage and a certain amount of naivety and blindness.  I was thrilled when Judy did find her daughter (SPOILER; SORRY), but that it was how things are, nit everyone is a messed up case because they are adopted.

The effect of the Catholic church and the stupidity of its rules about sin (not made up by God, but man), was so familiar too.  However, what I liked was how Judy found the Holy Spirit and finally finds the spiritual direction that we all look for in our lives.  Wonderful, a real  account of finding  the reality of God and no preaching. Wonderful!


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  1. inkposts
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 22:33:25

    From the title I thought it would be much different, but it still sounds interesting.


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