The Wedding Cake tree by Melanie Hudson

The Wedding Cake Tree

One thing that really shone through in this book is that the author knows and loves the places she writes about, it goes to prove that you must always write about your passions in life.  Being an orphan too, I was interested to read a story of a daughter’s reconciliation with her dead mother, and this story made me see the sadness and bitterness in my own mother’s life and how our relationship could have been so much otherwise….

Nuff said, I guzzled this bittersweet story as Alasdair and Grace made their own personal journeys as Grace followed her mother’s.  The only thing that jarred was Grace and the unknown man at the river, it was all too easy to guess at who he would be.   It niggled away as I felt it was unnecessary and a bit out of kilter with the rest of the narrative at that point. I thought it would still have had the same effect if she hadn’t remembered him at all.  However, when she does realise who her odd man was, it does somehow work.

The jump at Chapter three to the account of Grace’s childhood running through to the account of the time around the death  didn’t quite hang with me technically. Maybe it should have had a separate time and date like the rest of the sections then it might have worked better. Maybe it’s the mix of timescales.

However, these blips didn’t spoil a thoroughly good read.


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