Cocoa and Chanel by Donna Joy Usher

Cocoa and Chanel (Book One in the Chanel Series)

I think this year must be my year for reading loads of books by the same authors!

Must admit this was a first timer for me, in that I don’t usually read detective type novels, so I’m not at all used to the genre.  But enjoy it I did.  Chanel grows from an impulsive and naive hair dresser into an impulsive and naive Policewomen, but who has toughened and grown up. I thought maybe the training sequence didn’t quite fit with the story, but as this is the first of a series, there may be a justification for it, and this seems to be Donna’s style.

Cocoa the dog, does manage to steal the scene a couple of times,  a great warning about feeding dogs pizza! One thing, being a doggy person I felt that  with that Cocoa is left shut in a flat all day while Chanel is on duty,it  makes him seem more like a toy, wasn’t so happy with that! (YES; I know he’s not real).

Still the humour was so present, maybe less than the first book, but the funniest bit is when Chanel meets the ladies in the night club, I say no more!  I did suss the killer, but  maybe I’ve watched too many  Frosts/Wycliffe/Bergerac episodes!

I’m looking forward to the next installment, it’s a great funny romp, have fun!


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