The perfect Gift by Jo Robertson

The Perfect Gift

I tend to hoard Christmas stories for the appropriate time, but as it was a really hot day, and I had nothing to do, I had a rummage in my heap of books I downloaded for free last year.  After about half a dozen I started to have symptoms of mental indigestion.  Come on writers, try some originality, how many times does a sad single mother have to meet a stranger in a snow storm, or how many poor girls made rich, unexpectedly go home for Christmas, meet a transformed ex school friend, and live happily ever after?  I’ve a feeling I’ve ranted about this before!  Come on ladies, think a bit more originally!

I’m so glad to say that Jo’s story has kicked the box well and truly out the window.  Starting with a tragedy, the loss of a baby and then how Jo copes with her loss and four sons and a grumpy Gandma.  Rick is maybe a convenient neighbour, but I don’t want to spoil it.  I would maybe have feisted it up a bit more with some more tension between the two, but it’s just such a good story, well written, and so satisfying that it’s a different twist!

I’ve just read up about Jo, she’s a well know writer, so I say, get out yer boxes girls, in fact I think I’m off to write me own idea in time for Christmas!


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