The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher

The Seven Steps to Closure

This must be the funniest book  I’ve picked up on the free lists this year, and indeed the book has won some awards.  So does Donna need my review?  I don’t know, but I’m just thoroughly endorsing this book as such a good read to anyone who loves the Chick lit genre.  It’s original and simply a great read!

Tara is getting over a nasty divorce, but it isn’t until she’s given the listed seven steps that she moves towards getting over it.  The steps are maybe obvious, but how they are treated are is so funny, my favourite bit was in the restaurant when everyone is eavesdropping on the conversation………  The psychotic pets that come to live Tara, the suicidal cat, but mostly the Bad Bunny. The book moves to India and Tara’s relationship with Matt, which is both sensuous and hilarious, not to mention the cow pats! On and a good twist at the end when all seems lost, oh and the graffiti artist…… My only gripe is that maybe there were too many best buddies, it made the opening a bit long, which I thought unnecessary, but it’s a first book.  I must admit I’ve just downloaded her next one!



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