Town and Country by Wendy Lewis

Town and Country

It’s rare to find a country based book on the free lists, so I snapped this one up.  I could SO identify with Jill and her struggles with the live stock, in different  scenarios, I’ve been there too.  Maybe more of an animal person than Jill, I did get  a little frustrated with her struggles and continual problems, but I dare say I moaned a lot through the years to Dave.  The whole story rang of being experienced so that it was almost autobiographical. I can’t find any background information on her, so who knows?

The underlying story of Jill’s deteriorating relationship with Gerald and how boys will have their toys until reality checks in was really well crafted,  I did think maybe the ending was a little too easy until I sat back and though it through. Jill acted entirely within her character of avoiding confrontation and the love story rang true because she wasn’t some young thing, there was no six packs and designer dressing (though Jill had the shopping therapy well and truly sorted).  No this is how it may happen to us ladies beyond the rapture of the early loves,

Loved every minute of it, BRAVO!


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