Absence of Grace by Ann Warner

Absence of Grace

Having enjoyed Counterpointe so much, and desperate for something good to read, I picked this up  and was so pleased I did!  This is a lovely, gentle story, but I’m afraid that I sussed the dark secret in Clen’s life quite quickly! This is maybe due of my pet book, Song of Songs by Beverley Hughesdon.

However, this so well written with the pace and characterisations keeping me going. They were enhanced by the descriptions of Alaska – in fact being a snow junkie, I would rather have liked some snowy scenes. Usually when there is a dark secret I get irritated at waiting for this to be found out, but maybe because I sussed it (but I could have been wrong!), I enjoyed the very real journey of Clem to self  awareness and healing. It was a ‘guzzle’ book in that I couldn’t put it down!!!!!!!!!

However,   the one thing is, is that the title is a complete misnomer, it’s entirely about Grace………


Siren by Larry Jeram-Croft

A new book hot off the press by my prolific brother!  This time he’s taken a new turn and written the Sci Fi book he’s always wanted to write.  I can remember as a kid hearing his theory about St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester having a spaceship buried under it!  As a Christian, I could easily take him to task about the lack of deity, giving aliens a God like power, but I think that the book is having such a good pop at the idiocy and cruelty of the human race that it becomes almost a metaphor for the freedom of salvation – I’ll probably get hate mail from him now……..  OK, enough of this, the book.

What I enjoyed most was the cameos of horror being thwarted by the new powers, such as the  execution, the downs baby being born healed. What would happen to us with no illness, no guns?  Despite the long spurious bit about the physics behind the planetary drive thingey, the thwarting of the USA, the Chinese and all the major powers was in itself such a chuckle, satisfying read, I loved it.  The world does need a kick up the backside and a bit of healthy disrespect for politics in my eyes, goes a long way!

So read this my friends with an open mind and  enjoy the just deserts!!!!!!

The Cornish Affair by Laura Lockington

The Cornish Affair

I don’t usually go for foody books, so I must admit I skipped a little on the bits when Fin goes into her thoughts on cooking, but this book was a bit different anyway.  The plot device of the storm coming in and wrecking things, could not be predicted and was a great jolt.  The closeness of the Cornish community came over so well, I guess she lives in such a community as this part of her writing shines out, it almost takes over from the main narrative. Oliver is a little one dimensional for me, but the great gang of eccentrics compensate for this. The ending felt a little hurried for me, but I really enjoyed this, it got to the I don’t want to put it down category. I’ll be reading more of her books.

But what I DO hate, even though it was paged up on the contents (does anyone read  a contents page any more?) is thinking I still have 10% left only to find it’s taken up with a sample from someone else’s book,  arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!