The Best way: El Camino de Santiago by Bill Walker Skywalker

The Best Way: El Camino de Santiago

I’ve met people who’ve done the Camino way and seen the film, so this was my first foray into reading about it – the ultimate in armchair tourism. This hugely readable book really spells out the realities of such a trip and I know now, it’s not for me!

Of course, being an Evangelical Christian, the idea of a Pilgimage is an anaethema to me.  Dave and I have often talked about doing a long walk and we’re a bit antisocial, so all those hoardes of pilgims, makes it seem like a trip to Tescos! We’ve met people on trips, and these fleeting friendships aren’t real life, your lives collide briefly and then you’re off on your own tangents.  I guess this is why it really annoys me when we have people to stay and they’re all over us before and during, then we never hear another word (or maybe it’s us!).  However, it does appeal to do a long walk which will necessarily have a goal, where God will be with us walking and talking with us in the cool of the day.

And I don’t like it hot, the thought of sleeping in those snorey hostels, the bed bugs, the obsession with getting a bed for the night would ruin it for me.  I’d happily sleep out but when it rains……but Austria has the Arnoweg, St Jakobsweg and we don’t need to go in the height of summer!


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