Home to Roost by Tessa Hainsworth

I’ve waited a long time to read this, I really wanted the paperback to look good on my shelf with it’s brothers, but I got the Hardback for a present! Of course, it’s on Kindle.

Once again, Tessa takes us into her world in Cornwall and gives a tender, well observed story of her year. It seems to me she has integrated a lot quicker than a many of people would. The portrait of the London couple just spells it out how people don’t understand the real meaning of community. The book is such a good example of a genre I love, maybe going back to Derek Tangye who I read avidly as a child, it’s gentleness is beguiling.  The only thing I found a tad disapointing was the opening which was a little repetitive and slow, but Tessa’s writing held her through. I always love her little cameos of nature, especially of the sea.  I don’t think she has stretched herself as a writer yet, I’d love to see her write a real Cornish novel, where I think she’d be amazing.

Still, a lovely read, life is so well observed, a great read, enjoy!


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