Altar ego by Craig Groeschel

Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are

Once in a while I do like a real book to read compared to an Ebook, and I was chuffed to be sent a bundle to review! Of course, this is still available as an eBook.

I’d not come across Craig before, but I resisted checking him out before I read this so it didn’t influence me!  Now this book will reach the huge USA market, and I think has a great appeal to Christians new and old, but I don’t know if a non-Christian would get very far with it, though the dedication to the reader is a really good lead in to the rest of the book. I’m going to try to find a guinea pig to test this!

The mix of personal anecdote, biblical truth/stories and teaching is so clear and engrossing that you want to read on.  What Craig has to say is uplifting, challenging and dead on for life today.  His piece about the power of words and names and how they can destroy our self-worth is so true, after all words are spirit.  All this leads so logically in to the solution for us. How you are God’s masterpiece and with him can overcome all.  I love his use of  biblical evidence of the power of new names such as Forgiven, Fit,Great and Godly Mum. The following chapters on living with patience, integrity,honor and gratitude speak right into the mess that’s in the world. Craig spells out so clearly how we are God’s ambassadors in the home, at work and play, it’s not all being sent to the Mission field. The end of that Chapter was a real,’Thud  moment for me, maybe you will feel this too!

The last section on Boldness had me reeling.  He’s so right.  Andrew Wommack talks about the effect of unbelief, but Craig has cracked the solution, the cure for it is Boldness. In behaviour, prayers,words and obedience.  This part  made me say YASS, he’s got it.  The only problem is that maybe he makes it all seem a tad too easy. As Mr Wommack says, a living sacrifice means that it has the habit of upping off the altar and has to be taken back again.  There’s so much positive to do here,some may get it all at once, but you can’t succeed in all these changes under your own steam, you need the Holy Spirit the whole time (Yes, Craig does say this). You will at times fails, and you have to heave yourself back again.  It’s through God’s grace that we do this and maybe it will take small partial steps, success and failure, but each success will make you more sure and fill you with more boldness born of the success of the first step.

When I was reading this, I was talking to God about this boldness and obedience business and he said quite clearly, that here  would be a time to speak boldly at a dinner party that night, he said it several times, but I thought that’s just me.  Blow me down if both Dave and I didn’t get asked about what we believe by two people. Now I did what I could (I wish I hadn’t had that second glass of wine) in trying to form answers that were both bold and would reach my asker.  I felt I hadn’t succeeded and started to beat myself up.  But then no I thought,( or was it the Holy Spirit?) I spoke as boldly as I could. It was a step on the way, and I am now eager to be bolder at the next prompting. Does that make my point?

Only one other issue is when Craig talks about a man being healed from a heart attack, and hundreds of people were praying for the recovery.  Now I believe that God seeks to heal at all times, and it needs maybe only that person to believe, or one person to pray the prayer. Individually we have God’s power in us to heal, and Craig does later say this. God is not sitting there thinking. well if enough people ask me, I’ll heal him.  No, prayer was needed to pray against further diagnoses which could block the healing, against the re-onslaughts of the illness, for the recovery of the body, not the original healing. I greatly feel that prayer was needed but not quite how Craig spells it there.

This is a such a good book for us today, and having checked Craig out, I’m so glad he’s one who gives things for free, not because I’m also tight-fisted, but it shows he has things right!

It was a shame there’s no link to his ministry in the book, so here it is


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