The Man Who Rained by Ali Shaw


This world  where fantasy exists alongside the mundane has me enthralled.  I’ve already read ‘The girl with Glass feet’, (Ali‘s first book) and was drawn into his fantasy world then. The phrase which started it all for me was when Midas saw photos in the woods and  saw them as haunting  and lurking inside, as if they are already there, just waiting for you to catch them.  It was this book which started me on the line to reviewing, though I didn’t review it at the time. Enough, I digress

In The Man Who Rained, Elsa Beletti is living in what is our normal world,but she is wrong for it.  Its only when she escapes to the amazing Thunderstown where the unreal taps at the edge of reality, that she becomes normal in this lost town.  It’s this transformation and her love for Finn that fills the tragic/magical narrative.  The world of weather and clouds, yet intertwined with God and family.  It’s Ali’s rare gift of extending and stretching the rules of personification that builds his worlds.  I wish I could write with this imagination.  The only, only, only thing that spoiled it for me, was that this incredible world and story was resolved though a plot device straight from the genre of Disaster films.  I knew what the ignorant townspeople would do right from the second we met Finn, although not the outcome.  But then again, maybe that’s the charm, that the characters could go through this hoop of predictability but come out the other side as unique as before and ready to go on………you must read this to see.


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