How to forget your (Boy)friend by Kathleen Kitson

How to Forget Your (Boy)friend: Ivy Stratton & The Time Machine Book 1

This new trend of publishing through the Novella form has me fascinated, its not new, after all Charles Dickens published his stories through weekly installments.  So I’m thrilled to be following the new series Ivy Stratton and the Time machine.  I’ve already reviewed the prequel – see below.

We now get to see how Ivy deals with a Time Machine and its implications. It’s all nicely tied up, I didn’t spot a timey loophole!  It works as a great story in itself, all those different connotations of what ifs, and yet I wonder where this is all going, I didn’t spot any real hints, I was too busy enjoying it!

The only thing is, I almost wish there wasn’t a prequel that I had read, as I was already familiar with the characters, so well depicted in the prequel that I was a little impatient with the beginning.  How will Kathleen cope with this in the next episode, personally, I’d like to see just a quick opener then straight back into the narrative (impatient again!).  After all, Mr D just carried straight on……….…athleen-kitson/


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