The Father Christmas Confessions by Emily Ann Benedict

The Father Christmas Confessions: A Christmas Comedy

I’ve saved loads of books about Christmas and have had a dip into a few.  There seems a general lack of inspiration in the worst, usually a single woman who meets and falls in love with the love of her life on Christmas eve, oh and shedloads of snow.  These guys, I bin.  Come on writers, know your market, check out the competition!

This was a recent freebie and seemed an interesting surmise in this one and so it proved, with a rescue at the beginning and then the meeting of  Virginia and Jeremy.  Plenty of snow, but an interesting tilt on the truth of Father Christmas.  Possible but not strictly Biblical, but what ho!  The tale itself runs well as the two begin with mutual dislike, which leads to the obvious. But I liked the idea of the season being a miracle, of a Santa who gives gifts of healing and joy, not a well wrapped box!  As a Christian book, maybe it could have chipped a bit into the miracle of the birth of Christ, but maybe it was treading carefully for a conservative USA market.

Still for uniqueness, a good plot, and enjoyable read, it’s my second Christmas book this year. There were a few typos too – writers check the Kindle version out before you publish – get someone else to check it too!


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