Not a Fan. By Kyle Idleman

Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus

I don’t think this has really got to the Uk from the USA yet, but in Europe the film is available in German and English, plus a work book in German as shown above.  The first book goes the deepest and the film is an example of the life of a man who decides he no longer wants to be a fan of Jesus, not a follower.

Mainly directed at the USA, this series is a challenge both to those who are fans, and those who already consider themselves followers. The fans I think are typified by the wishywashy shallow Christianity offered by Preachers such as Joel Osteen, hugely popular as it doesn’t give you the full picture, just the happy,complacent highlights.  Enough slanging! For these folks, this is a real below the belt tackle on their belief.

For those who consider themselves followers, this is just as relevant, it takes you through just where you are, maybe you follow Jesus in some areas, others in others such as work, the doors are firmly shut.  You never ever stop learning about Jesus, there’s always a surprise, and a going deeper within.  Its like working with horses, you think its all sussed then you meet a new one and you have to start all over again! I was saddened that someone in our Housegroup thought that they were such an experienced Christian, who daily sacrificed themselves that they had no more to learn and wouldn’t contemplate even going through the book with us.  Maybe they knew there was areas they hadn’t addressed and it was a way of dodging it.   I’ve enjoyed the challenges and revelations  from this, and recommend it for any group, shame the workbook isn’t in English!


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