Ice Diaries by Lexi Revellian

Ice Diaries

I’m as sucker for end of world/man alone stories, let alone anything that has lots of snow – see many previous posts!  So I was chuffed to bits to be sent Lexi‘s latest book, having loved her earlier ‘Replica’. This is even better!

We find a cold, snow  filled London where only the tallest buildings stick out of the snow, and we meet a small community which has survived all this plus a worldwide pandemic which has killed most of the world’s population. Tori, who has dealt and adapted to these circumstances  is surviving with her small group of friends and dealing with life and the loss of her boyfriend.  I loved the details of how they had organised their lives but of course it all couldn’t last. The explosion of  injured Morgan into their midst, (who I actually think must be the sexiest of the heroes I’ve read this year) changes everything.  You get nothing from his point of view, but along with Tori, you  come to understand him through the action.

The book then becomes a real survival challenge as Mike and his small band of cronies arrive in hot pursuit of Morgan and it all hots up into a superbly paced and dramatic adventure with plenty of snow, action and tension.  I don’t want to say too much, I but didn’t want to put it down!  There is a wonderful picture of the community who has used turbines and even is growing vegetables seemingly to have got it all together but at the cost of being organised into rules and regulations by a strong leader. Is this  better  or the simpler but not sustainable life where Tori lives? The powerkite was never used, nice red herring.

I’d like to read a sequel to this…………

Some other books, Lexi’s and my favourite snow and end of the world themes!…by-alex-thomas/


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