The Drought by Steven Scaffardi

The Drought

This book really is the Laddiest lad book of all lad books in lad publishing land that I’ve come across so far!  I can see it as a ‘Carry on’ for 2012. The hapless Dan (and aren’t all lad lit main characters so?)  is on a quest for sex having gone without for a long time. He lurches from misadventure to disaster, being dumped, disastrous road trips  beaten up, given bad advice by his best mates (real Job’s comforters) , and as in the genre of Chick lit it turns out the answer was at his front door all the time.  Plenty of male angst, embarrassing body stuff , truly cringeworthy run ins with the gay community.  There is a semblance of just deserts at the end,  living the results of such a completely amoral run of adventures! You could read it as a guide of how not to start a relationship.

As a woman reviewer, I can imagine plenty of laddish guffaws and sniggering  but for me it just all a bit too near the knuckle (I’m probably a generation or two out).  Were the lads when I was a teenager thinking like this?  Flippin eck!

Like Steven the author says, Lads, I think you’ll love it, ladies I think it’ll make you look aghast at your man and wonder………


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