November’s book of the Month; How to Host a Holiday by Kathleen Kitson

How to Host a Holiday (The Prequel to Ivy Stratton & the Time Machine)

I must admit I’ve been hoarding Christmas themed books from Kindle all summer, so I was really pleased to be sent this to review. Novellas seem to be a hugely growing market in the USA, though I’m not so sure in the UK.  Books by installments, but this was how Charles Dickens wrote and I think it’s a great way to write.

This book is a prequel to a coming series, but is completely enjoyable in its own right Christmas story fans!  It’s complete, beginning, middle, ending,all set around a group of friends meeting for a Christmas meal.The opening was so kitsch and gooey, that I was just beginning to gag, when of course it was a dream, not an easy trick to carry off, as at this point you can lose the reader.  The dramatic tension in there in the sudden snowstorm, and the stormy relationship between Giuseppe and Ivy.  She’s  a single girl,  looking for love, she’s a real Chick lit heroine. but with some good hints of an odd past creeping in, setting the path for the coming adventures – just what does Sy know?

So, enjoy and look forward to when Ivy’s adventures really begin!



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