October’s book of the Month; War and Piste by Alex Thomas

War & Piste

How could I resist this book?  That it was written by someone genuinely in touch with Austria was clear from the early pages (e.g.Cheddar cheese smuggling), and the atmosphere of a buzzing ski resort sang from the pages.  Its one of the few books that I’ve ever had a real laugh aloud giggle with, as Alex builds the picture of life as a  ‘seasonaire’.  Her descriptions of skiing/snowboarding and the snow had me almost wishing I could ski too-and for those of you who know how that terrifies me, that’s no mean achievement.  The love story within is great, well crafted, with little hooks that show what’s coming but nevertheless a good twist.   Poppy going through the process of denial to self realisation is so well intertwined with the busy ski season that the book is rich in depth and progression. I personally would be poleaxed by such a job, such energy had I once a long time ago! Of course my reading is coloured by my living in Austria but even so this is  great chick lit on skis!


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