Eye of the storm by Alexander Kumpf

Eye of the Storm: Where is God when life hurts?

Indeed, where is God when life hurts?

This well written help book, has a really good balance between looking at our storms in life, anecdotes and scripture.  It starts in such a general way about life, that I think non-Christians wouldn’t feel ‘got at’ or being preached to.  As the book deepens, so does the scripture and just what God is up to.  My favourite parts were the explanation of how Nature groans  with labour pains due to the effect of sin and  Chapter 8, What would God say?  Here Alexander takes our questions that we cry out when we’re in pain, such as’God I feel so alone……’ and he answers them scripturally and in his own voice.  The answers are so comforting, I will turn to them again at times when I am low and questioning.

Great too, is the Bible Study with questions and verses to read at the end, easily usable in a group.  Its difficult to meet the balance of Christianity and the secular in a way that wont alienate, this book gets there!

I was sent this book to review.


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