Fallen Angel by Mona Ingram

Fallen Angel

As a romance this is ok, there’s a bit of narrative suspense and a twist.  I picked it up as it deals with people going through re-hab and due to my love of  Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes, I was intrigued to see another author’s treatment of the subject. I was left feeling that this was a lost opportunity.  You get Laura’s history, her rejection by her mother and her Over the Top reaction to the death of a child in her care when she’s a Nurse and then the drugs. Like wise you get Bradley’s awful experience in the military which leaves him dumb.  But its all written with so little depth, it could have been a much darker, passionate tale, for me they both recover too easily, fall in love too easily, get to the end too easily.  Their treatment is glossed over and Laura in particular swans too easily into her new life -maybe the spectre of Rachel was at my shoulder as I read.

If you enjoy a simple read, which doesn’t go into great depth and all is so easily resolved, this is for you, but for me, I felt it could have been a great book but it missed its opportunity -sorry!


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