The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning

The Furious Longing of God

The oxymoron of this title had me intrigued, and once I got past the rather long introduction, I was knocked over by not only Brennan’s  extraordinary prose but his deep, wonderful insight into the Father’s Love.   He has been there, down in the depths, he has revelation.  He is both scholarly and down to earth. This book touched me like no other has done for a long time.  I’m allowed to quote, and there are so many bits I’d like to, but you need to read this yourself and get ablaze, filled with that heady  wine of the love of the Father, that original excitement that we let grow rusty (well I speak personally) on our walk with Christ.  This is the one bit that really blew me away, llok at his use of adorable;

……..God is love is the fundamental meaning of the Holy and adorable Trinity.  Put it bluntly God is sheer Being -in -Love, and there never was a time when God was not love. The foundation of the furious longing of God is the Father  who is the originating Lover, the Son who is the full self expression of that Love, and the Spirit who is the original and inexhaustible activity of that Love, drawing the created universe into itself.


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