The Lighter Side of Large by Becky Siame

The Lighter Side of Large

What a whopper and I’m NOT talking about the size of the main character; Bella.  Having always been a tad on the large side myself, this book was an obvious choice to dip into.  It starts off with one of those why am I here and look what has happened flashback moments, which actually works as you get the account of the previuous last nine months in Bella’s  life.  You’re quickly led into her world as a single,  apparently betrayed Mum and her crowd of zany friends.  You can cringe with her as she details the problems of living with being large. Likewise, you can so sympathise with her as it all starts from her point of view as a victim, then you grow along side her as she changes and grows (well not physically). Is the almost too good to be true Jae real or fake? I think any reader will suss the situation before Bella and just be egging her on to the end, where in true character growing style, Bella comes to terms with all the changes around her and finally becomes herself.

There is so much in this book besides – a little look into New Zealand, Samoan culture, baddies who can be goodies and vice versa, love, internet dating, deeper issues of the heart, family conflicts.  This book, I can only describe in one word, rich!

There’s a really great website that goes with it, do have a look;


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