The Archivist of Dunstibourne Hall by L.P.Fergusson

The Archivist (Duntisbourne Hall)

This is a great study not only in self deception but also of human nature.  Believable, flawed characters and a great ending where nothing is tied up  but is concluded, if you see my difference.  The Archivist himself is at first the stereotype you would expect for an old man working in a stately home, but his character becomes both artful, evil and sad. You get impressions of him viewed through the other characters, but the whole dialogue is so well balanced, that, dear reader, you have to make up your own mind is he a loveable old git or a villain.

It’s also a good suspense story, will the artifacts be found, just what happened to them?  The narrator also slips in little cameos of the country side and words I’ve no idea what they mean, making that voice both an academic and yet poetic one. Its well paced and well written, enjoy!

………my only problem is that I was a fan of the comedy series, called Tittybang bang  where the stewards at a national trust house are all either trying to kill each other just off scene or seeking attention.Catch phrase ,’don’t look at me I’m shy ‘- this book just had echoes of this -great!


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