Finding yourself in Seville by Steve Carter and Julie Holland

It’s always a challenge to write your second book and not write a duplicate of the first and Steve has done a great job here, with a sneaky twist near  the end. Not only the change of location and culture but themes too.  Ok, so Andy is a laddish as Rob, unable to read women and not a huge success relationally, but he’s more together than Rob.  Enough to firmly walk away from a relationship and use the results for his own ends.

In Seville, we get enough descriptions of the place to keep us happy but not away from the narrative – so often people love a place so much that they get bogged down in description.  Andy does the student stuff and more daft relationships, but its all balanced by his hilarious description of flat sharing with the mad Swede Johan who panders to what may be our stereotypical view of the alcoholic Swede but also the worst nightmare of a flatmate. 

What had me most amused was Steve’s description of the gay community and how he deals with meeting Sergio – the embarrassment and putting your foot right in it.  The pink shirt he wears on his first trip to a gay club also says  it all. There is almost more on male relationships here than with the women, which  is refreshing, but Andy nevertheless finds his true love. He  goes through all the phases of self-denial about his feelings for her and then realisation that puts  the book back into the romance category.  I wonder how much Julie had to do with hauling him back on the path????

Laddish, romantic, funny, an even better candidate for Stag lit than his first.  Read it!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Steve Carter
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 16:51:31

    Wow! Many thanks for this really nice review of our second little effort. Julie was very instrumental in hauling me back (in many things) to the romance path, as you correctly indentify. And all the gay community stuff is less imaginary than I would like to admit.
    Thanks again


  2. Steve Carter
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 17:53:52

    Hello Anna–we are honoured to be mentioned in your awards:) it’s the first (and likely last) one we’ve ever had!


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