A plea to self publishing authors

As my regular readers know, I’m a fan of downloading the free books on Amazon.com and some of them are brilliant.  I do get a bit of overload with American books -it must be a culture thing, and do favour UK ones!!!

I also critique and self publish myself, so I look with interest at their presentation and their literary qualities at the same time.  I can’t believe how many people publish so sloppily. I guess that most folks ultimate aim is to be picked up by a publishing house.  Well no one is going to look at you when you leave in spelling , grammatical mistakes and formatting errors. If you are publishing on Kindle or another reader, you must look at the finished product as it will be picked up by your readers -borrow one of you don’t own one.  What you may see on Mobi pocket programme or the Kindle book previewer sometimes doesn’t show up on the published product. You have to painstakingly check it all, its only when you have the luxury of a publisher you don’t have to do it.

However, I have seen a problem with formatting dialogue which seems to be a problem with mobi-pocket.

       ‘When you are writing a phase of dialogue, it suddenly formats the whole conversation the   indenting of the first line of conversation and so the whole thing looks odd.  It then suddenly

reasserts the correct formatting.  I don’t know how this is corrected. I cant get my blog to even do it as it self corrects!



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