Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes

Rachel's Holiday

I don’t think this lady needs my review, so I’m writing purely to express how this is my second most favourite book of all time.  Rachel’s narrative is so cleverly framed that you can believe her self-delusion about her drug taking until she begins to see the truth alongside her.

It’s another wonderful story of a woman finding herself and her true love, in the same way as Helena in Song of songs.  I could identify with Rachel, seeing the same personality traits in myself and could see clearly how they’ve affected my life too – though I’ve never been an addict except to books!

Luke has to be one of the hunkiest heroes, and is another beast into beauty case, the process shown so well  through Rachel’s’ eyes.  I do so love First person narratives when they  stick to one view-point, rather than dodging in and out of different consciousness.  The tale ended too soon for me, but its picked up in ‘Is anyone out there’. This is another masterpiece by Marian, dealing with another member of Rachel’s family, Anna, as she deals with grief. I’ve just re-read that too, and it’s so strange reading about Rachel as ‘other’ not the first person.  Still its a another really good read!

When I read the reviews on Amazon, I found even real recovering addicts were finding hope in this book, if that doesn’t prove a writer’s skill, nothing does!


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  1. Sarah
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 02:24:26

    This is one of my favorite books of all time too! I have so much respect for how Keyes is able to tackle a difficult topic such as drug addiction, and still make the ride so much fun. I love all of the books about the Walsh sisters–Watermelon, Angels, and Anybody Out There.


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