God’s Kingdom Duo by Kenneth Milbourn


Sorry  but this is a proper book, not an eBook but its on Amazon. This is also a repeat from the other blog -but one worth repeating!

For those who stumble around in the book of Revelation and maybe also Daniel, this book is a must!  Ken takes the premise that book of Daniel is the prelude for Jesus’s coming and the building of God‘s kingdom on earth and Revelation in a way the fulfillment.

He takes each chapter and in a thorough, commonsense  manner, which is both scholarly and readable, and then unpicks the key issues , symbolism  and explains them.  He has gone into so many sources to both back up and disagree with his thesis that the book couldn’t be better researched.   He takes them in the context of when they were written (as far as we’re able to tel) and to whom, and what it meant for both the readers at that time and for us today, which is for me the key point of this book, getting things into perspective.

I have no time for all this end time hysteria that’s in the Christian world today.  each day, I’m ready (well I like to think so), there’s no doubt somethings up, and it all could be in our lifetimes.  But if it doesn’t – why waste all this time speculating and losing our way with Christ, while we are here, we are building our relationship with him and bringing others to him, his kingdom on earth. Ken’s book puts all the current nonsense into a balanced light,  a must for all who’ve ever wondered what the books are all about, whether scholar or an interested Christian!


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