Unclouded day by William Woodall. Book of the Month June


William sent me a copy of this book, my very first ever request to review, so I’m honoured and delighted to do so!  Now I’m an anti-Harry Potter sort of person, so when I saw an amulet was involved I was a little wary. I also come from a completely different writing culture. I needn’t have worried!  William has the gift of writing , well what I’d call young adults stories, though anyone could read this and be blessed. He has that knack which pulls you into the perspective of Brian, and tells the tale from a child of his age’s point of view. The whole text has for me that wonderful fairytale feeling that I love in the Elizabeth Goudge stories such as the Little White Horse.

Brian is maybe old for his age due to the abuse he has suffered in his life but he also acts just like a teenager.  His journey to find the Living water is has great narrative tension and I’m glad that it went on long enough after the climax to make the ending balanced and it sort of ties in to the supernatural of the story.

I began thinking, ok, so this is a magical story in many ways, just how would this appeal to any teenager?  Its adventure with a twist of romance, reality and excitement. Yet as a Christian, how is this tale justified. (see my standpoint above).  Of course William related this to the Native Americans, and has a bible verse. Then it hit me, maybe I’m being dense, and William  had this in mind but the whole book is one huge allegory or metaphor.  Come to me and drink the streams of living water (John 4, v 13-14) . As Christians, we all seek and drink the living water of Christ and our lives should then reflect and bless all around them. This is what Brian and Rachel did with their lives. It gives you the gospel message that through Christ we can be all things and bless others.  This book does it in a way acceptable to the teenage mind if they can see it!    Bravo!


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