The Bro Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

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I was sort of looking for more stuff to put into my new genre, Stag lit and felt this might be a good candidate for an American one, being more on the fun side than Drew in Blue.

The story opens with the man character, Johnny at a wedding, and his repeated speech which he’s used at several other weddings.  His singleness and dysfunction he claims are rooted in his mother having died at his birth.  Yet compared to Rob in Sex, love, Cava etc,  this guy is at first just such a looser, no confidence, best friend is a gay woman, and he genuinely has no idea about women, although kind.  So he meets a woman attorney, gets advice, etc etc. and begins to grow up.

It’s a great story if you want a longish wallow in the process of him sorting himself out. However, for me it was all too long-winded, too much was in dialogue, although it was well written. So it was a skip to the end for me and not read.


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