Love, Sex and Tesco’s finest Cava by Steve Carter

Now,as I’ve said,I read as little as possible about a book before I try so I’m not influenced, so forgive me if I’m repeating something. Nice bit of product placement in the title! Another collaboration with a feminine editor – I wonder how much she had to tone it down!

Being a keen reader of Chick lit, especially UK stuff, this was so refreshing!  At last Chick lit about and by a bloke!  Maybe its the start of a whole new genre, it’s not for me to name but maybe the obvious c**k lit is not a good name, so I’m Christening it Stag lit!  The male mind to me is completely incomprehensible and this seemed to so honestly give me a vague clue!  No more lists of what designer clothes were worn, just Rob wearing his black outfits.  Rob has his fashion disasters too, especially with hair dye on a first date. Rob has a best mate as in all the other genre, the dysfunctional Steve, who when you compare such conversations with the other lot is hugely funny, beer, football and lack of sex. 

The plot follows the breakdown of Rob’s second marriage and his relationship with Jenny, which begins with Internet dating.  Maybe the plot lacks a little in pace but the outworking of the relationship is so well done, their insecurities -which for Rob involves the use of Viagra, and Jenny her own self-confidence in her figure (trying not to spoil here).  Rob even has a Vaesectomy which is hilarious, but what had me most was his relationship with Jenny’s kids, all so typical teenagers and especially Daniel who’s mildly autistic, the first time they meet and go for a Pizza – I was there with the embarrassment.

The plot pace does eventually does pick up,  and as in any love story reaches a great conclusion. Its well written, lifelike, but the only thing I don’t hang with is the Cava – give me a good Austrian Zweigelt any day!


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  1. Steve Carter
    May 24, 2012 @ 14:38:25

    My editor had to tone it down a great deal and tell me how women ‘think’ 🙂 Many thanks for your thoughts on my (our) book. It’s been a massive success in the UK but far fewer slaes in the US–I thought it might be a bit too ‘British’ but those from the US that have read it have tended to really enjoy it.
    Can’t agree about the Zweigelt though–Cava for me everytime, and no, I didn’t get paid by Tesco’s


    • annarashbrook
      May 24, 2012 @ 16:51:05

      Great to hear from you! Was joking about Tescos! I downloaded your book for free, so I guess you had it on Kindle Select, shame they don’t do it in the UK, I now get most of my sales in the USA because of it! I’ve found several other books for my self defined Stag lit, but I think yours will become my standard to judge them by. Maybe for the States you should re-title and have it Walmarts finest Cava!!!!!!!!


  2. Steve Carter
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 18:35:19

    Many thanks–I’m not sure it’s a standard for anything–and don’t tempt me with the Walmart Idea;)


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