Tuesday’s Child by Louise Bagshawe

Tuesday's Child

I’ve just joined Goodreads and am inspired to also review some of my favourite books here.  I’m not happy that this site doesn’t seem to take Kindle books, but also as I was too tight-fisted to pay for an IBAN, I can’t find Tom that way either!!!!!!  So many reviews seem to spend their time re-telling the story, I hope I don’t waste time on that, rather give some interesting insights!

I loved the energetic character of Lucy, and you can read her naivety  as she has to grow up and take on an adult job.I envied her running and ability to scoff chocolate with no ill effects! Her instincts are always right concerning Todd despite being caught up with the new image and career.  Like many Marian Keyes tales she has a secure family background, which gives hope in this shattered world.  Again the usual lack of awareness of who she really loves, along with a real comeuppance for the bitch in the tale. A thoroughly satisfying read!


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