Replica by Lexi Revellian

I thought at first I shouldn’t be reading this as a Christian, man making himself in the image of himself,hmmm, definitely not biblical. But I succumbed, knowing it implausible and as its ones of the few English books I’ve downloaded for free, I really couldn’t resist.

Beth has a  replica made of herself by a Government Scientist and the author very successfully deals with the two outlooks by making the perspective of the Replica in the first person and everyone else other.It works  well.

There’s a lot of running and nasty baddies and a baddy turns good guy and a twist at the end I didnt foresee, just when everything seems sold out.  The narrative suspension is good, and its so well written that I had to read it all in one session.  The London locations I enjoyed too and it actually gives you an idea of how terrible it is to be on the streets. It has the romantic interest too, with  slightly enigmatic ending. 

Great read, treat yourself!

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